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Creating Innovative Strategies is What We Do at Intelloz to Fuel Growth For Your Business With Sustainability.
What We Do

Our Services

We innovate by leveraging technology and intelligence to provide the best suited solutions for your critical business problems.


Strategy Consulting

We provide C-level executives with expert advice on their most challenging strategic issues

Innovation Consulting

We eliminate challenges by developing human centered designs

Competitive Intelligence

We help your company develop competitive advantage over other competitors in the market, we conduct a deep study on the market and come up with market winning strategies

Digital LIVE

Digital LIVE (Leadership Initiation and Visualization Exercise) is a board-level exercise that helps executives understand the strategic implications of digital for their business

Advanced Analytics

Utilize the incredible power of data analytics and machine learning to discover the untapped potential of big data

Digital Transformation

From visualizing your digital future to making it a reality. We guide you step by step through the digital transformation process

Sales & Marketing Transformation

Make sure your sales and marketing teams are up to date with the digital and social age


Improve your financial health quickly and set yourself up for long-term success

Go-to-Market Strategy

With winning go-to-market tactics, you’ll be on the right track right away

Sales & Channel Excellence

Boost your sales and channel effectiveness to sell more

Customer Insight

Discover new insights about your customers’ changing behavior

Digital Marketing

Tap into the power of digital and social media to make your ads more precise

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Why Us

Why Choose Us

Our People.

The diversity of our people, their commitment to your success, and their zeal for overcoming your toughest challenges, we believe, are the foundations of the quality of our advice.

Invested in your success.

When you partner with our team, you’re not only partnering with highly qualified consultants; you’re also collaborating with business owners and entrepreneurs whose long-term professional success is inextricably linked to your company’s success.

Global perspective.

Our global team brings experience from markets, companies, and top universities all over the world. Combining a global outlook with in-depth knowledge of India.

Diversity of talent.

Our wider view of talent brings a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to our teams, fostering a culture of critical thinking and discussion. As a result, you can be assured that our strategic proposals have been thoroughly investigated.

How We Do It

The Process

We formulate our management thinking on today’s most critical business challenges.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Innovative strategies

We begin with a broad overview of the business environment, scouting for potential causes and opportunities, and work our way down to design briefs. We launch into Design Thinking sprints with these open-ended conceptual briefs in hand, using our human-centered, multidisciplinary, and experimental approach to create innovative solutions.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

We have believed that strategy must be versatile and adaptive since our inception. This is especially true in today’s fast-paced world, which necessitates a close relationship between strategy formulation and execution. As a result, our approach incorporates continuous feedback loops to assist you in adapting to changing realities.

From Art to Science

Business Transformation

We bring a fresh overview on your business’s performance to identify areas for swift short-term improvement as well as lasting long-term change. We start by creating detailed transition roadmaps to help your team visualize the journey ahead, and then we assist you every step of the way.

Our Work

How We Work

We provide strategic expertise where it’s needed the most.

We offer expert advice to C-level executives at industry leaders and emerging challengers on policy, marketing, transformation, and digital. Whether it’s driving growth, entering a new market, improving profitability, or dealing with digital disruption, our consultants help companies solve their toughest strategic problems.

Our Approach

How We Help

We provide you with a whole new perspective.

Our three-pronged approach to problem-solving is based on our unique and proven approach to problem-solving. As a result, our plans are future-focused, market-tested, and designed to give the company a long-term competitive advantage.

The big picture is what we’re looking at.

To gain a better vantage point, we climb above the smoke of your day-to-day business battles. We are able to see the whole picture of your situation from this higher perspective.

We’re off to the battleground.

Solving complex problems necessitates the highest quality of information. To gain unfiltered insights from your clients, competitors, and individual people, our consultants walk the factory floor, visit shopping malls, and scan online forums.

Our Strategy

We Dive Deeper

We get to the root of your problems in order to create solutions that will last. We do that by questioning why and not stopping until we’ve uncovered the root causes. We use advanced analytics to discover new insights by combining this questioning mindset with the application of new technologies such as machine learning.
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