Come and build a firm of the future.

Intelloz offers a unique platform for people with a passion for consulting to explore their full potential.

Our Vision

At Intelloz, we’re starting from the ground up to create a new kind of consulting firm.

A Firm Of The Future

Although advisory is one of the oldest occupations, the needs of today’s society necessitate a very different type of consultant. To satisfy our clients’ quickly changing demands, we’re forming a consulting firm that blends the distinctive spark of human ingenuity with the incredible potential of technology.

A Team Of Partners

The traditional employer-employee relationship, we feel, is incapable of realizing an individual’s full potential. As a result, we’re forming a company of highly motivated and entrepreneurial partners that will collaborate on a single platform to push consulting to new heights.

An Enduring Institution

We’re establishing a business that will last for decades. So, though our thinking is continually changing, our values remain the same, and our actions are always guided by a long-term perspective.

What We Are Looking For

We look for individuals with diverse of experiences and backgrounds. Five crucial attributes are demonstrated by successful applicants.

Entrepreneurial Instinct

Everyone on our team is expected to think and act like an entrepreneur. As a result, we look for people who can see opportunities immediately, establish appropriate competencies swiftly, and execute successfully.

Learning Orientation

In everything we do, we strive to be on the cutting edge. As a result, we want applicants that have a strong desire to learn new things and improve themselves, as well as a strong desire to push the boundaries of their field’s expertise.

Logical Thinking

Identifying the fundamental causes of our clients’ problems requires a methodical and disciplined approach. As a result, we need applicants who can demonstrate strong logical reasoning skills.

Problem-Solving Ability

Our clients hire us to help them address their most difficult strategic issues. As a result, we’re looking for people who can use their creativity, perseverance, and innovation to come up with innovative solutions to the most difficult situations.

Collaborative Mindset

We are able to deliver unparalleled impact in our clients’ organizations thanks to our unique combination of skill-sets and intensely collaborative approach. Consequently, we always look for people who can demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and a strong team ethic.

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UG & PG Internships

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We look for intelligent people with an appetite to learn & solve critical problems on-ground. We are currently hiring for Interns. Apply below.
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University Graduates

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University Graduates

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Experienced Professionals

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Experienced Professionals

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